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Creative pseudo-tech
engineer scientist

One of the above a bit more than the other.

Currently working for

Borg designation

Product Lead | Head of UX

Leads the execution of the product vision, strategy and roadmap, communicating the vision and goals of the product to internal and external stakeholders. Responsible for managing the product lifecycle including market requirements, feature refinements, product release plans, user stories, release criteria, product launch and organisation readiness activities.

Brands I work for

A select few.

Skills & Tools

With handy, totally not arbitrary ratings.

Adobe Figma: yes
Design: also yes
Wireframing / Scribbling: yes that too
Drawing symbols on a whiteboard: Amazing
Copywriting: Bacon Ipsum
Mandatory: A11Y & WCAG
Scrum: In my own special way
Leading a team: 馃馃惀馃惀馃惀馃惀馃惀

CanTalkWithDevelopers: ’true’
Dutch: Ja
English: Sure
Japanese: 鑻ュ共
Making unordered lists: 鈥⑩b亙鈭欌棪
Best captain: Benjamin Sisko
Teamwork: Simply excellent
Ability to say no: Yes

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Incredibly helpful tips

A short list.

ISO makes your life easier.
路 Adding whitespace characters in your filenames will make (most) front-enders very happy.
路 We lost the war with the French for having to settle for ‘UTC
路 The CLDR is synonymous with TLDR
路 You should always indiscriminately delete all layers that aren’t properly named_copy(2).