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Creative pseudo-tech
engineer scientist

One of the above a bit more than the other.

Currently working for


Borg designation: Product Lead.

Brands I work for

A select few.

Skills & Tools

With handy, totally not arbitrary ratings.

Adobe Figma: 6,35 / 8,50
Design: Dribble / 100
Wireframing / Scribbling: Green / 10
Drawing symbols on a whiteboard: Amazing
Copywriting: Bacon Ipsum
Mandatory: A11Y & WCAG
Scrum: In my own special way
CX/UX/UI: Crafted to perfection /s
Leading a team: 🦆🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥

CanTalkingWithDevelopers: ’true’
Dutch: Ja
English: Sure
Japanese: 若干
Making unordered lists: •‣⁃∙◦
Best captain: Benjamin Sisko
Prototyping: ★★☆
Teamwork: Simply excellent
Ability to say no: Yes

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Incredibly helpful tips

A short list.

· ISO makes your life easier.
· Adding whitespace characters in your filenames will make (most) front-enders very happy.
· We lost the war with the French for having to settle for ‘UTC
· The CLDR is synonymous with TLDR
· You ask if you can ask two questions so you can ask one question.
· You should always indiscriminately delete all layers that aren’t properly named_copy(2).
· Create. Fail. Recreate. Fail some more. Learn and improve. Rinse and repeat.

End of the line.